Our Story


The Story of 618 Creative


We’re storytellers in an old school way.

From newspapers to nonprofits, we’ve learned just how important it is for organizations to properly uncover and share their stories.

We believe that at the heart of every organization there is a story just waiting to be told. And from that story, we can develop the messaging to make social media posts, advertising slogans and a bevy of other communications tools that will help your business grow and prosper.

We’re lifelong residents of a small, rural community, but we’ve spent a majority of our careers in St. Louis city/county. We know that small business owners can benefit from some of the practices of corporate marketing methodology if it is pursued in a smaller, more affordable scale.

Marketing and communications strategies don’t have to be hard or scary. In fact, there are many doing it in our community very, very well.

Our goal is simple.

We want to make sure that if you own a flower shop in a small community everyone in a 20-mile radius knows your flower shop’s name. We want your business to come to mind first – in a positive way – when they need flowers.

It’s as simple as that.

Narrating Your Brand