Facebook To Delete Your Photos, But Just One Album

News outlets have been covering an upcoming change to Facebook, reporting that users photos will be deleted if they don’t download the new Moments app by July 7. Naturally, folks are panicking. What the news outlets have not properly explained is that Facebook is NOT deleting all your photos. The images that the change will…

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No Time for Marketing Your Business? We Can Help

No time for social media or marketing?

When I ask business owners about their marketing plans and social media platforms, the most common response I get is “I just don’t have the time.” That’s understandable. Running a business can be life-consuming. When you factor in the accounting, sales and client lead generation, and employee management, it’s a wonder small business owners have…

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Why I Don’t Delete Negative Comments On Social Media

No one likes to hear negative feedback, especially if it isn’t given in the context of constructive criticism. So I understand why it is the first instinct of many of my clients, friends and colleagues to delete any negative comments and posts on their professional social media pages and websites. In their minds, they are removing…

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