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Social Media – The Newest Outlet for Great Customer Service

social-media-customer-serviceGone are the days when good customer service simply meant staffing the front desk with a friendly receptionist and answering the phone with a smile.

These days, customers expect their needs to be met in person, on the phone, and via text message, email, chats and even social media channels.

Ignoring any of these outlets for customers to get help, ask questions or lodge complaints can negatively impacts a business’ reputation in the eyes of the consumer.

The good news – and bad, depending on your point of view – about customer service moving to social media is that they are a public forum.customer service

Instead of private phone calls, texts, online chats or email conversations where consumers speak with just one or two company representatives, now these exchanges are being watched by dozens, hundreds or thousands of other people.

If customer service is handled well on a social media platform, a company can garner new fans and potential customers or buyers.

However, if the situation is handled poorly, the business can be subjected to bad PR, loss of customers, public backlash and internal turmoil.

Think for a moment about the last time you saw a company respond promptly and pleasantly to a consumer’s complaint on Facebook? Did you immediately feel more favorable toward that company? Probably. (See embedded images for a recent example from one of my own Facebook friends.)

Great customer service on social media matters.On the other hand, how do you feel when you see a business ignore any questions or complaints about their product or services on their Twitter or Facebook page. What if they respond to customer service posts or messages with short, defensive replies?

You’re probably not to eager to rush out and buy their product, right?

The takeaway from all this is that managing customer service online is just as important as manning the front desk or answering the phone at your business.

If you need help setting up your social media networks and managing them so your customers’ needs are met, please email me at today!


Tag Lines – They’re Like A Caption for Your Brand

If you own a business, you most likely spent a great deal of time and energy (and maybe even money) coming up with the perfect name and logo for your brand.

Before I officially started 618 Creative, I kicked name ideas around for weeks,  asking friends for their opinions while I tortured myself with 25 slightly-different versions of a logo design.

Then once I chose a name and general logo design, I had to come up with a tag line.

Coming up with that clever catchphrase or slogan for your business can be even more daunting that choosing a name.

I’m a writer and creative thinker, so fortunately, the tag line for 618 Creative – Narrating Your Brand – came to me pretty quickly.

But some of my clients have found they need a little help to come up with a tag line that is catchy, memorable and tone appropriate.

Some get so wrapped up worrying about the “clever factor” of their tagline that they forgot about its purpose – to quickly and accurately sum up the nature or personality of your business.

I’ve created tag lines for several clients and my favorite so far is for Up & At ‘Em Household Services. For their house-cleaning and errand service, we came up with “Let Us Turn Your Free Time Back Into Me Time.” The clients loved it!

So you’re struggling to come up with a tag line for your business, or if you’d like to revamp your logo, please contact me today!

How To Make Killer Social Media Content

So what makes social media content that people can’t ignore?

This Slideshare by Lisa Parkin, CEO of Social Climber, gives some great examples of brands who are killing it.

[slideshare id=27974913&doc=killercontentfinal2-131106132152-phpapp01]

Don’t have time or the know-how to tackle social media for your business? Let 618 Creative  make your brand shine on social!

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The Re-Branding Legends of Lego, Burberry & Apple – From Crisis to Success

fd7e41f7-dc66-480c-9ca3-62b5f0e440f0-2060x1236 (1)
Brand wars: a clever campaign helped Lego rebuild its image. Photograph: Alamy for The Guardian

Did you know that The Lego Group faced bankruptcy in the 1990s?

Or that Burberry was once so associated with hoodlums that the brand was actually banned from some pubs?

It might seem hard to believe now, but Apple products were so uncool two decades ago that the company was dangerously close to bankruptcy in 1997.

Business owners know, it takes time to build a brand and a trusted reputation.  Shoddy products, poor management, negative press or just bad luck can shatter all that hard work in mere seconds.

Burberry was considered gangwear; now it's worn by Emma Watson and Kate Moss. Photo Mario Testino via Business Insider.
Burberry was considered gangwear; now it’s worn by Emma Watson and Kate Moss. Photo Mario Testino via Business Insider.

If you’re lucky, and get the right person to re-brand your business, you might just turn things around. The well-known companies above were able to rescue their languishing brands and go on to unimaginable success. This great piece in Business Insider shares 10 amazing re-branding success stories.

Read more about re-branding success stories from The Guardian.

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Knowing Your Audience

79309ce4-4bf5-4977-851f-b3f71ec39b8d-originalOne of the most important factors in marketing and sales is knowing your audience.

Whether you’re crafting a sales pitch or developing a marketing campaign, you have to know who you’re “talking” to.

For example, people under 50 might not catch on or relate to references to rotary dial telephones.

Interesting Read From the Huffington Post: Things Only People Over 50 Understand

It doesn’t matter if you’re peddling lawn care services or selling computers, you have to know a lot about your audience, including:

  • what platforms they most often use to communicate/receive information
  • generational slang and buzzwords
  • accepted rituals and behaviors
  • historical references in their lifetime

Don’t fret though – you already know your audience better than anyone. You developed a product or service specifically for them.

Just remember to keep all this in mind when creating and perfecting your sales pitches, marketing campaigns and advertising.

And if you need help, please contact us!


Who Needs Marketing & Branding Anyway? You Do!


Back in my journalism days, I never gave much thought to the importance of marketing and branding.

If I’m being really honest, I’ll admit that I and many of my fellow reporters considered most PR folks  to be a necessary evil.

We sometimes needed them to help us get to our sources on deadline, but the rest of the time they were just a nuisance, force-feeding us the party line or blasting us with too many boring press releases.

But now that I’ve worked on the “other side” for close to seven years, I see things a little differently. I can see the value of branding, marketing and communications.

I won’t wax poetic (at least in this post anyway) about the importance of good marketing and storytelling for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Instead, I can show you, with just a few images, how very important brand management is.

Marcomm, branding and creative folks are the ones who come up with the logos, slogans, websites, flyers and ad campaigns that you can’t forget.

Take a look at the images above. The fact that you likely recognize all of them, and the companies they represent,  means branding DOES matter.

If you own a businsess, even a small one, 618 Creative can help you develop your brand and make it stand out in the marketplace. Contact us today!