Knowing Your Audience

79309ce4-4bf5-4977-851f-b3f71ec39b8d-originalOne of the most important factors in marketing and sales is knowing your audience.

Whether you’re crafting a sales pitch or developing a marketing campaign, you have to know who you’re “talking” to.

For example, people under 50 might not catch on or relate to references to rotary dial telephones.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re peddling lawn care services or selling computers, you have to know a lot about your audience, including:

  • what platforms they most often use to communicate/receive information
  • generational slang and buzzwords
  • accepted rituals and behaviors
  • historical references in their lifetime

Don’t fret though – you already know your audience better than anyone. You developed a product or service specifically for them.

Just remember to keep all this in mind when creating and perfecting your sales pitches, marketing campaigns and advertising.

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